Meet the team #1: Humphrey Chan, Founder & President

In this series, we want to share what has inspired our committee members to join the team, what issues they’re passionate about and a bit of their story.

Something I see and hear all the time from other Asian-Australians is they don’t feel either Asian ‘enough’ or Australian ‘enough’, like they’re caught in this no man’s land in the middle. But that means that just by our upbringing and experiences, we have access to two cultures and two worlds. We can be Asian, Australian, or Asian-Australian – how amazing is that?

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up there briefly before moving to Australia at a young age. There was barely any focus on what it means to be a young Hong Kongese-Australian, or even Asian-Australian – having competing cultural influences, never seeing faces that look like you on TV, or feeling distant from your extended family overseas. Growing up Asian-Australian is often filled with these confusing experiences which can make it hard to see it in the best light. The way I see my identity and culture is still evolving, but I’ve always believed that it should be a significant and positive part of my life.

The goal with AAP is to help Asian-Australians understand and embrace our identities, culture and heritage. AAP is 2 years old now, and I’m very proud of where we’ve come in that time. We’ve been able to spotlight some amazing leaders and role models and provide resources and a community for young Asian-Australians. But there is so much more to be done – so many more amazing people to showcase and unique stories to tell.

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