AAP x ACAR Campaign: Asians on the Margins

The Asian Australian Project and the USyd Autonomous Collective Against Racism are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Asians on the Margins’ Campaign. This collaboration started off as a conversation about how Asian individuals and communities were targets of discrimination and violence because of their ethnicity and what we could do to fight this.

Anti-Asian sentiment has always existed in Australia but the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated and profoundly shaped the way Asians are seen and treated in our communities and the wider society. We launched this campaign to highlight the stories that are not being told in the mainstream media. We want to put your stories in the spotlight and show that we’re not just the model minority.

It’s time to speak up and out, we’re not going to be silent anymore.


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Video transcript:

The Asian Australian Project (AAP) and USYD Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR) are launching “Asians on the Margins – The Stories Campaign”.

The aim of this social media campaign is to raise awareness about the on-going anti-Asian sentiment and violence that have been perpetrated worldwide. We aim to facilitate discussion, to not only support fellow students, local and international, but to also end our collective silent suffering over discrimination. Ultimately, we want to uplift our community and bring our stories out of the margins.

This is an open call for people to share their stories of how you may have been affected recently- whether they’re about discrimination, travel bans or anything that affects our mental wellbeing. All stories are welcome. Stories will be published on our social media as images or videos to uplift and empower our voices.

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics, you have the option to remain completely anonymous! We look forward to hearing your stories and bringing them into the foreground. We hope to hear from you soon!

We want to hear from you! Submit your stories via the Google form: