About Us

The Asian Australian Project (AAP) is a social organisation that empowers Asians Between Cultures (ABCs) to embrace their unique identity through community-based events and initiatives that explore different experiences and/or issues relevant to the ABC experience. By Asians Between Cultures (ABCs), we refer to people’s varied experiences with their heritage, culture(s) and Australian identity. 

Our experiences, while similar, are distinctive and intersectional. The complex nature of the Asian-Australian experience is not discussed enough and needs to be further explored.

AAP seeks to establish dialogue and ongoing discussion within our communities to challenge and dismantle structures that inhibit opportunity and inter-cultural understanding. 

Our vision is to facilitate a community for Asian-Australians to critically reflect and examine their experiences and identity. We strive to carve out a new space in which we empower Asians Between Cultures to make positive change in their own lives and greater communities – and thrive in the space between. We envision a future where Asian-Australians are leaders, changemakers, and advocates that are represented in all facets of the community. It is about increasing visibility of Asian-Australians on all levels of society so that representation is the norm.

We envision a future where representation is the norm: with Asian-Australians as leaders, changemakers, and advocates that seek to create positive impact in all facets of society.