Our Team

We’re a group of passionate volunteers working together across the Eora (Sydney) and Kulin (Melbourne) nations, Australia.

Michelle Lim (she/her), President

Social work/youth on Wurundjeri land. I am an avid movie and tv show watcher (horror omitted) and will fight you on the fact the best trilogy ever is Lord of the Rings and that (any) of the Die-Hard films (except no.5) is the perfect Christmas film.

Angela Zhao (she/her), Vice President

Marketing and Events Specialist, amateur foodie, music theatre nerd and lover of coffee. If any of the above topics are mentioned, can talk about it for hours.

Vishal Vivekananda (he/him), Legal & Finance Director

I love TV, my favourite shows are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office. I also enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my dog.

Carrie Feng (she/her), Marketing Director

Designer and Creative Strategist. Mostly likely to be found dressed in all black with a coffee in hand. Never the one to turn down a good picnic. Is always on the lookout to find the ‘next best font’. (And yes, bad kerning does keep her up at night.)

Tina Nguyen (she/her), Events Director

Movies, specifically superhero movies, bullet journaling and finding new places to eat.

Liam Luangrathrajasombat (he/him), Digital Content Director

I’m a professional storyteller, content creator and marketer currently working at Optus. I love making videos about culture and talking about all the latest movies and tv shows. I’m also a big fan of Korean media and can speak a bit too, so don’t be afraid to say annyeong to me 🙂

Robin Lao (they/them), Design Director

Designer and Illustrator, an advocate for environmental and human rights. They know that loving coffee isn’t a personality trait but it does constitute about 60% of their bloodstream currently. They wish to own one or two or ten cats in the near future.

Cindy Hoang (she/her), Events Associate

Business Administration. Avid book reader, impulse painter and appreciator of the arts; aspiring home cook with the current ultimate goal of perfecting a bowl of Pho.

Kimberly La (she/her), Legal Associate

Advocacy/Law/Foodie, collector of vinyls, explorer of museums, galleries & markets.

Isabella Meltzer (she/her), Legal Associate

Law/international relations, avid re-watcher of American sit-coms, fried chicken connoisseur.

Emily (she/her), Marketing Associate

Food, travel, binging TV shows, big BTS fan. Recently loving the outdoors 💪

Amy Ge (she/her), Design Associate

An illustrator working on Wallumedegal land, Amy loves comics, games, and making work about moths.

Charlene Behal (she/her), Writer

Media and Communication, majoring in Professional Writing and Editing. Lover of Asian culture and cuisine, K-pop listener and been obsessed with Hello Kitty since birth. Can quote every line from the Netflix show Never Have I Ever. An ex-coffee drinker who has devoted a life to bubble tea. 

Mike Yee (he/him), Writer

Mike is a writer, rapper, martial artist, business consultant and ex-working cook who is currently battling interminable insomnia. His obsession for absorbing and learning from life experiences has translated into a passion for fostering community and developing better ways of communicating between people.

Lina Ali (she/her), Editor

English Lit/Politics – I may be doing a whole degree on the wide range of literature available but no one can convince me that Harry Potter doesn’t trump them all. Co-Host and Founder of ‘The Westies Podcast’ . A firm believer in the fact that the status quo is really not it

Simran Borges (she/her), Editor

International Studies and Media student. Love reading, playing solitaire (young grandma alert), and chatting about literally anything and everything from politics, to the latest celebrity break-up. 

Catherine Hoang (she/her), Editor

Tim Lai (he/him), Videographer

Adam Tambakau (he/him), Videographer

Manisha Kumar (she/her), Photographer