Our Team

We’re a group of passionate volunteers working together across Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Humphrey Hon-Lam Chan (He/him), President

Lover of soccer and all forms of art, but particularly music and movies. Slowly failing in my side quest to learn and speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.

Michelle Lim (She/her), Vice President

Social work/youth. I am an avid movie and tv show watcher (horror omitted) and will fight you on the fact the best trilogy ever is Lord of the Rings and that (any) of the Die-Hard films, except no.5, is the perfect Christmas film.

Vishal Vivekananda (He/him), Legal & Finance Director

I love TV, my favourite shows are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office. I also enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my dog.

Sarah Choo (She/her), Design & Marketing Director

Design/architecture, collector of plants and cats, rediscovering how to make Korean food as an adult.

Angela Zhao (She/her), Events Director

Marketing and Events Specialist, amateur foodie, music theatre nerd and lover of coffee. If any of the above topics are mentioned, can talk about it for hours.

Cindy Hoang (She/her), Events Associate

Business Administration. Avid book reader, impulse painter and appreciator of the arts; aspiring home cook with the current ultimate goal of perfecting a bowl of Pho.

Tina Nguyen (She/her), Events Associate

Movies, specifically superhero movies, bullet journaling and finding new places to eat.

Eric Lee (He/him), Events Associate

Marketing/Acting, collects old Polaroid cameras, should probably find a less expensive hobby than fashion 😂

Christine (She/her), Events Associate

Final year medical student who loves the outdoors whether it be camping, swimming or hiking! Can never say no to a beer with friends at the local pub.

Kimberly La (She/her), Legal Associate

Advocacy/Law/Foodie, collector of vinyls, explorer of museums, galleries & markets.

Isabella Meltzer (She/her), Legal Associate

Law/international relations, avid re-watcher of American sit-coms, fried chicken connoisseur.

Robin Lao (They/them), Design Associate 

Designer and Illustrator, an advocate for environmental and human rights. They know that loving coffee isn’t a personality trait but it does constitute about 60% of their bloodstream currently. They wish to own one or two or ten cats in the near future.

Emily (She/her), Marketing Associate

Food, travel, binging TV shows, big BTS fan. Recently loving the outdoors 💪

Linda D (She/her), Marketing Associate

Likes learning how to cook and source ingredients (with an aversion to baking), re-watching too much Kath & Kim or Parks & Rec, and enjoys the occasional video game – Yakuza series anyone?

Amy Ge (She/her), Design Associate

An illustrator working on Wallumedegal land, Amy loves comics, games, and making work about moths.

Liam Luangrathrajasombat (He/him), Video Production, Editor & Photographer

I’m a professional storyteller, content creator and marketer currently working at Optus. I love making videos about culture and talking about all the latest movies and tv shows. I’m also a big fan of Korean media and can speak a bit too, so don’t be afraid to say annyeong to me 🙂