And That’s A Wrap! The Asian Australian Project Cleans Up (a small bit of) Australia

Clean up Australia had supplied completely compostable rubbish bags for the day, which we loved! Splitting up into two teams, we tackled both the east and west sides of the beach, particularly the surrounding pavements and grass areas.

It was great to see that there was minimal rubbish, nonetheless our teams conducted as thorough a clean up as possible, making sure to cover as much ground as we could, and collect absolutely anything we laid our eyes upon. It reminded us of the significant negative impact that even the smallest amount of rubbish can have on the planet when not properly disposed of. A few beach goers even thanked us, and graciously asked if we would collect their rubbish as we passed by.

Enjoying a quick break from the relentless sun, we took rest at an undercover picnic area, where our Events Director, Angela, bestowed us with our certificates for participating in the day.

To cap off the day, the group headed to Madame Chu’s for some well earned drinks (we all ended up ordering a cider) and snacks. A relatively new venue, Madame Chu’s offered scenic panoramic views of Bondi Beach, and we were lucky enough to be seated on the balcony (as well as right next to the great DJ playing some great music). 

Good conversation and helping to save the planet – we love to see it!

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