Meet the team #3: Sarah Choo, Design & Marketing Director

In this series, we want to share what has inspired our committee members to join the team, what issues they’re passionate about and a bit of their story.

Sarah joined the Asian Australian Project in early 2020, leading the design and marketing teams.

It’s only relatively recently that I’ve started to consider what it means to be an Asian Australian, especially in the past year amongst the discussions in the media landscape, a global pandemic and finishing my undergrad (and all the self-doubt that comes with it!). An important part of this journey was when I joined a book club which focuses on reading books by authors of Asian descent, which allowed me to engage in interesting discussions about culture, family, heritage and society in a way I’d never been able to before.

I think many Asian Australians can relate to feeling disconnected from their heritage in some capacity, whether it is a language, social or cultural barrier. I remember the first time I met my grandparents in South Korea and being confused by how both out of place and at home I felt. During my time at university, I started to realise how my Asian heritage is incredibly valuable, and that I should celebrate it, not sweep it under the rug. Connecting with others in the Asian Australian community has been a great way to reflect upon both the individual experience and the collective understanding which shapes our culture.

Our professional, personal, social lives are all intricately interwoven with this cultural thread that is tangled up in childhood, family and events which happen on a global scale. Being part of a team that is committed to exploring these topics and providing resources, safe spaces, social events and community is inspiring and I hope this empowers others to navigate their own identities and struggles without fear.

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